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Junto com o vídeo, a carta é uma das partes mais importantes do application. Ansiosa que só, comecei a minha em 2014 e fui editando-a ao longo de 2015. Antes de começar a escrever, pesquisei sobre o assunto em vários blogs e decidi separar os tópicos que seguem:

  • Vida pessoal;
  • Personalidade e hobbies;
  • Vida em família;
  • Experiências e costumes relacionados à alimentação;
  • Experiência como motorista;
  • Experiência com crianças;
  • Por que quero ser Au Pair;
  • Motivações e expectativas em relação ao intercâmbio.

Eu considero meu inglês escrito bem melhor do que o falado, então tentei escrever uma carta o mais atraente possível. Após delimitar os tópicos, escrevi tudo e fui arrumando algumas coisinhas ao longo do ano. Acho que o mais importante é definir objetivos e reunir as informações necessárias para escrever algo que descreva bem a pessoa que você é. Além disso, tente criar sua carta sozinha(o), sem que outras pessoas a corrijam. Caso tenha dificuldade, recorra ao Google ou a dicionários, mas tente ao máximo utilizar suas próprias palavras.

Hello, dear host family! 

My name is Ana Carolina and I am 21 years old. I live with my family in Penedo, a Finnish village in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. My mother is a kindergarten teacher, my father is a carpenter and my younger brother is currently a high schooler. My parents work all day long, so I am the one in charge of the household management during the week. When they come home, I have already left for college, so we only see each other on the weekends.

I would describe myself as an independent, caring, thoughtful and a very positive girl. Although I am a big planner and I like to keep a routine, I can be flexible as well. I also consider myself a free-spirited person, who loves to discover new places. Traveling is one of my greatest passions ever; whenever I can, I pack my bags to explore a new place just to refresh my gypsy soul (even if it is a city nearby). My all-time favorite hobby is to attend concerts. Music has a more-than-special spot in my heart, so I am always seeking gigs to enjoy.

At home, I share the household chores with my teenage brother. I cook for ourselves every day and he always cleans after me; I think it is very important and fair for both sides. As the family member responsible for cooking at home, I try to eat a healthy diet and enjoy creating new recipes. I usually prepare whole grain/wheat food and vegetables during the week and more caloric food on the weekends. I own a small kitchen garden where I grow some tomatoes, pepper and herbs. My family raise hens and they provide us with fresh eggs every day. Although I am into organic food, I do not mind eating frozen vegetables or fruits. My healthy habits also include jogging and going to the gym.

I got my driver’s license two years ago. Because I live in the suburb, I need to take the highway to the city (half an hour journey) to do everything, from going to college to paying the bills. I usually drive on the weekends and take public transportation during the week.

My first experience with children took place when I was only thirteen. I went to a school for girls and, there, I studied for four years to become an Elementary School Teacher. During this time, I was an intern in a preschool. As a helper, I assisted kids in activities, feeding, playing and bathing. I worked with the same twenty kids for two and a half years. When I first met them, my little ones were two/three years old; when I left them, they were already four/five. Thus, I watched them grow one-step at a time.

My favorite activities to do with children are crafts. I learned some folding at school, so I loved to teach my kids create new stuff. As an enthusiastic of outside activities, I also believe that kids should explore nature as much as they can. I strongly encouraged my little ones to play in the dirt/sand, touch stones and recognize their shapes, and observe the caterpillars and ants working in the garden. To be a part of children’s development process, as well as guide them through the increase of their motor skills and imagination, is something very satisfying for a teacher — and I love to check their growth as the times goes by.

As soon as I finished the Initial Teacher Training, I earned a full scholarship to go to the University, where I am currently studying Modern Languages & Literature — Portuguese and English. As a sophomore, when I was 18, I got a job as an English Teacher. For five months, I worked with children from six to fourteen years old. I was the only one responsible for the classroom, so I grew a lot as a person and as a professional.

Since 2015 I have been working as an Fellow Teacher in a neighbor city public school. I teach Portuguese and Essay Writing for a class of thirty teenagers. It was such a challenge at the beginning, because I had always worked with the little ones before, but today I am thankful for this experience, which is allowing me to get in touch with grown-up kids and get an overall view of their world.

I heard about the Au Pair program when I was fifteen. Right away, I knew I would fit the program, given my passion for English and my experience with kids. Thus, I started to plan everything right ahead. I have been preparing myself for a long time and I cannot wait to have this amazing experience. I expect to be a meaningful addition to your home, have a great year with your kids and share a bit about my gorgeous Brazil with your family.

I strongly believe that the key for a good relationship is reciprocity. Do your best, remain positive and be nice to one another. Everything will come back to you and, then, it is all going to be fine. I am truly looking forward to having an amazing year in the United States, with a very warm family. If you think we can be a good match, please, contact me! I will be more than glad to talk to you.
Thank you very much for reading my letter!
Best Regards,
Ana Carolina

Se eu não me engano, a Cultural Care exige uma carta com, no mínimo, 600 palavras. Como vocês podem notar, eu me empolguei com a minha e ela ficou um pouco grandinha. Eu havia incluído um parágrafo falando sobre religião (que não tenho), mas a Cultural Care simplesmente cortou essa parte. Acabei deixando assim mesmo e falando diretamente com as famílias sobre esse assunto. Pelo menos na CC, a carta é a primeira coisa que aparece no application, então é importante caprichar!
Até o próximo post!

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  1. Ta aí o motivo de ter tido 150 famílias no perfil! Vivo te dizendo: cê arrasa! <3

  2. A bicha é lacradora mesmo!
    "NAT REZ12: Ta aí o motivo de ter tido 150 famílias no perfil! Vivo te dizendo: cê arrasa! <3"